Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: A shelled walnut can restore scratched furniture....

OK so I had to share this great new tidbit:

Ever have scratches in your polished wood furniture, from wear and tear, the children,or from moving things around, and have wondered how on earth you can  restore your furniture back to new with out having to go out and buy new furniture.....

Well according to research and a current article by the Senior Newsletter of Chestnut Station, a shelled walnut will be the perfect solution.

Tip: If your polished furniture has small scratches, take a shelled walnut and rub it along the scratches and magically you will see the scratches begin to disappear....

DO you have any furniture repairing tidbits , or spot clean up tips you like to share with us....Feel free to share your interesting tidbits, we love to hear them!!!

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