Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012, Marks the dawn of a New Art Collection....Become a voice in our studio.

We love to hear your feedback as we begin our new 2012 art collection..
During the next few months , there will be lots of studio time and art making going on at Andrea's Artz. Become a voice in our studio we want to hear your opinion, as we work on our 2012 collection which will be released end of March 2012.  
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Happy New Year,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What is the equation for Success???

A gallery appearance...Family Style

It is such a wonderful honor to be an artist and have your pieces in a gallery exhibition. It is especially an honor to have your family there with you by your side.

"The equation for your success isn't just you , (you + the support of others) = success".
By Terika
This  is where we were this weekend: 

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 So Glad, I could share this with you, What a fabulous event at Soha Arts Gallery ,so thankful I could spend it with my family.

Do you incorporate your family into your art making, if so, how? How do you share you talent with your family and supporters ,especially during the holidays? We love to hear your comments...


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Artist ... Are you Preparing for A Craft Show???...

For the past several weeks I have been posting blogs about my creative journey of my new holiday ornamental collection. Well, my collection is COMPLETE FINALLY, and I actually had the annual holiday Craft Show yesterday, at Eastern Highschool in Voorhees ,NJ. It is so interesting being a crafter and preparing for that big show/s that come around each year. No matter how many years you have done them , or how many times you return to the same venue, you are filled with the same mixed level of feelings, which may include:
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stress- both good and bad , 
nervousness- of how the show will turn out,
fatigue- from many late nights finalizing projects, 
excitement - to share your talent to the world . 

Well, I am here to tell you I have felt all these feelings and more, yet it was still a fabulous experience.  Feel free to see it first hand by clicking on the image above..

Do you have a craft show experience you'd like to share?? What do you usually do to prepare for craft shows, any interesting successful craft show techniques you like to share with us... We Are listening..


Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday"s Motivation: "Great Changes may not happen right away.....

What a great source motivation for you today......
Monday's Motivation: "Great changes may not happen right away, but with effort even the difficult may become easy". 
By Bill Blackman
What a wonderful way to start the week off. Now matter what life throws you , a key to success is to be persistent....
How do you relate to this quote, do you agree , disagree??? We love to hear your comments...Explain a time when your persistence paid off...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY Thanksgiving Paper Turkey Pins...

Here is a wonderful craft we did at our last Community Art Workshop....

This project was tons and fun.  Add a great touch to thanksgiving and only involved a few simple supplies...
 Turkey Pins

The kids and adults loved it!!

All you need is:
 An empty cereal box
glue stick
glitter (optional)
4 round objects to trace, in various sizes, from smallest to largest
Adhesive pins
Black Marker or small wiggly eyes

First trace round objects onto inside part of cardboard cereal box, Then Cut them out. The Second Largest circle cut in half. Then cut slits into each half, which will make the two wings. Cut out a small triangle out of the bottom of the box for the beak. Then glue the circle together from largest to smallest with the two "wings in between the largest and medium circle. Then glue on beak on the smallest front circle and draw on two eyes with black marker.

Feel Free to add glitter and other embellishments... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! We love to hear your comments...

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here is what I've been working today, Snowmen, Candy canes..".It's beginning to look alot like Christmas"

      For the past few weeks, I have been diligently working on my new line of limited edition ornaments and wall hangings. A few weeks ago I posted my Sunday's Work In Progress.
           Well, here it is Sunday again and here is what I have been up to......

I decided to flip this piece to a horizontal orientation. Then used a very hot wood burner and began to carve out the candy cane. Added some wood stain, and a little embellishments and Voila!!

I am hoping to have the whole collection to be done, by the end of next week, so I can begin to share them with folks at my upcoming craft shows.
Snowman ( he is still a Work In Progress)

"Sweet Treats" Here is the complete piece...

It's has been very time consuming , and a little hectic balancing studio production time, business and motherhood, but I am sure if you are a crafter you totally understand how this time of year can get...

What are you crafting up for the holidays??? Are you making handmade gifts this year. if so please share, we love to hear your comments...

Have a great thanksgiving,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Andrea's Artful Tidbits: Monday's Motivation: Living Your Dreams!!!

Andrea's Artful Tidbits: Monday's Motivation: Living Your Dreams!!!: It is often easier said then done, but in this life it is imperative that we live our dreams , because life is short and the moments we cher...

Monday's Motivation: Living Your Dreams!!!

It is often easier said then done, but in this life it is imperative that we live our dreams , because life is short and the moments we cherish can quickly become fond memories.

So here is a quote to help start your week off on a positive note.

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake".
By Henry David Thoreau

Are you living your dreams?? If so, how ? If not what are some steps you could take to walk in the path of your dreams... We love to hear your comments..


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: Apples, there are more to them, then just delicious pies...

We all know the saying an apple a day keeps the Dr, away...
But here is a clever apple tidbit you may not of known.

Apples are a member of the rose family; it takes the energy of 50 leaves to produce just one apple!

Do you like apples? Which is your favorite apple? Any food tidbits you like to share, we love to hear your comments...


info from

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Sunday's Work in Progress!!!

Here is what I have been up to this Sunday morning...
With the Holiday Season upon us, otherwise known as busy season for us crafters and artisans, I have been quite in the creative mode producing various lines of new items...

I am thinking this year I want to do ornaments, there is something so magical about ornaments and the way they dress up a tree on Christmas.
A season of giving ...a sketch of magical animated present boxes

So far I have sketched this candy cane on cedar wood, let's see which color palette I use, I think I am going to go for a non-traditional "eyecatching" palette. Any suggestions?????

Can't wait to share the finished products with you..!! What are you crafting up this pre-holiday season??? Are there any craft shows you are attending?..Andrea's Craft Show calendar We love to hear your crafting comments...


Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Upcycled Halloween : DIY Craft presented by Andrea's Artz

A way to Celebrate Halloween with upcycled & recycle items

Our Halloween and Harvest Craft Workshop was a blast!!!
We created the perfect Bats & Scarry Ghosts for our Halloween Home Decor, perfect for trick or treat night.

Take an empty Milk Jug, that is clean and dry . Apply a ghostly face on the front with a black permanent marker. Once it is dry , turn the jug around to the backside and cut out a rectangle with your utility scissors. Then place a small strand of clear light inside the jug. Plug into outlet. And voila you have a ghostly spirit jug lantern.

Take empty cleaned egg carton, turn upside down. Cut a three section out, then paint with black paint. Once dry adhere wiggly eyes. Then pierce a small hole in the center oval and place string through it , and hang from ceiling. Voila you have hanging bats for your halloween decor.

 We love to hear your comments, do you have any Halloween craft ideas you like to share?? Feel free to comment...
Enjoy your Halloween,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday: How to keep your children's laces tied?

So you buy your child a brand new pair of shoes...but every time you turn around you are tying the laces back together. You call yourself double knotting them, somehow they still come untied!!!

All day you hear "Can you tie my shoe"? In your mind your thinking .." I just tied them a second ago".

Well, I may have a solution for you. A candle.

Yes, try rubbing a candle on the new slippery laces , and the wax coating will help make the knots will stay put..

Try it out!!! We love to hear your thoughts. Have any tidbits you'd like to share...Feel free to comment below.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: How to brighten laundry whites inexpensively ???

Ok , so I am sure we have all had an experience with our white laundry load, after a few washes , they begin to become dull or have a faded yellow tint....

Well, I have a great tidbit to combat that faded /dull color problem. LEMON JUICE

Yes, if you add just a 1/2cup of lemon juice to the wash cycle of a normal load of whites, they will brighten. Try it out....

Any cool tidbits you like to share..We are listening and love to hear your comments!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday's Motivation: It all starts with a DREAM!!!

"Flutter" Mixed Media Wood Art 
"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world".
Harriet Tubman
I hope this serves as some motivation , for a fresh start to this brand new week!!!  

What motivates and inspires you to reach the goals in your life??? Love to hear your comments.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Could the world use a little more original ART????

    The World could use a little more original Art!!
Hey there everyone, this is Samantha, the designer of a few of Andrea's Artz hand painted  tote bags. I would like to share with you my unique experience designing the new line of bags!

    When I was first told I would be designing bags, I got a little nervous; I have never done anything like this before! But the more we discussed it, the more and more excited I became. After only one meeting, I was already thinking of so many ideas on my own. It is such a unique challenge and new experience, so my brain really got going.

         Once I got my first three bags, each with their own specific design, I was ready to go. The same day I got the information about it, I grabbed my sketch book and did some really fast (and really sloppy) sketches. I kept sketching any ideas that came to my mind ,until I became satisfied with the three finished designs I ended up with. I worked on each design until they were refined and I was happy with them. After that, I got to work on actually putting the designs on the bag. After the first one, which took only about an hour with how hard I worked on it, I suddenly realized how much fun this really was. It relaxed me, and it was exciting knowing that someone would be using these bags one day. The other two were finished in no time after that. I tried to finish one bag in at least one sitting. Still, I made sure I took my time and put as much detail as I thought it needed.
(Hand Sewn & Painted ,Hobo Tote, Mixed Media)

     Does carrying around a work of art makes things seem much more interesting? Through this experience, it makes me wonder why there aren't more people doing things like this. You have designer bags, and clothes, but they aren't as personalized as something like this. Sure, hand painting something is a lot of work and probably money, but even if it was done digitally, there are so few places that will give you the ability to use a custom graphic. Does this make us less expressive, even with all the options out there? If one truly wanted to be different or express themselves, they would wear custom hand crafted products, like that of Andrea's . Something that means more than "I spent a lot of money on this bag or shirt, just for the brand".

(Hand Sewn & Painted ,Hobo Tote, Mixed Media)

     Should there be more ways, more options to design clothes, bags, anything, to make it really scream "you"?

    Do you agree the world could use a little more original art?, I am definitely a firm believer, and that's one reason I absolutely enjoy designing tote bags for Andrea's Artz.


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Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday's Motivation: How do you measure success??

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome".
by. Booker T Washington

I decided that this quote is very suitable , and could effect the lives of so many. I think everyone has the aspiration to be successful in life, but at times can be blinded by it's societal meaning.

What does success mean to you? Would you say you have reached a level of success in your life, if so how? We love to hear your success stories, feel free to share..


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: A shelled walnut can restore scratched furniture....

OK so I had to share this great new tidbit:

Ever have scratches in your polished wood furniture, from wear and tear, the children,or from moving things around, and have wondered how on earth you can  restore your furniture back to new with out having to go out and buy new furniture.....

Well according to research and a current article by the Senior Newsletter of Chestnut Station, a shelled walnut will be the perfect solution.

Tip: If your polished furniture has small scratches, take a shelled walnut and rub it along the scratches and magically you will see the scratches begin to disappear....

DO you have any furniture repairing tidbits , or spot clean up tips you like to share with us....Feel free to share your interesting tidbits, we love to hear them!!!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Words: " Never Give UP".....

Just thought I 'd share this quote, which is very deep on so many levels, especially for creative individuals

"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless"

by Thomas Alva Edison

So many times in life , things just don't seem to go how we planned, and at this point so many of us "GIVE UP" and figure WELL IT'S NO USE". Then we often justify this with ourselves by saying "WELL I TRIED".

As an artist more times than not, projects don't come come out the way they were planned in our minds, and if at each time we figured it was useless, than the world wouldn't be filled with any ounce of creativity...JUST IMAGINE...

Was there a time when a project, craft or other life experience didn't go as you planned??? IF so, how did you cope with it, did the thoughts of giving up ever come to mind? How was your end result?? We'd love to hear your stories...feel free to share..

Andrea's Artz LLC.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday's Words : " Anyone can Learn"

"Take the attitude of a student , never be too big to ask questions,never know too much to learn something new". Og Mandino

This quote is very fitting , especially for creative individuals,  we as artisans are constantly learning new techniques and ways of doing things. Knowledge is always around us, so let's not be afraid to use it and learn.

 What new skill have your learned recently?? Any cool stories you like to share?? We are listening.....


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quote of the Day...."Art is the only way to run away without leaving home".

I decided to do this Tidbit Thursday blog about a famous quote....  

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home".  
BY ~Twyla Tharp

I thought this quote is very powerful , and true at least for myself...When creating, I tend to let my mind wander and take flight to many destinations without boundaries. I realized that this is only possible through art making. 

One, you don't have to pack a suitcase, 
Two, make reservations, 
Third, you don't have to go in debt with travel costs.  

Does your ART allow you to run away without leaving home??? IF so, How ? What places does your mind wander to while your creating??? Love to hear your art journeys????


Be sure to take an artful journey to the beach with us , at our FREE BEACH ART

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: "Leave your Car Keys & Put on your Walking Shoes"

Have you had your Walk Today????

Leave your car keys home and put on your walking shoes !!!!

Next time you have to go somewhere in walking distance, you may want to consider walking....

According to the University of Pittsburgh study found in AARP magazine ,  
walking is great for your brain, because it can help prevent the natural shrinkage of the brain and memory loss, that is often associated with aging.

Take charge of your life and start living your best life now.....Start walking , here and there whenever you can, take some music along with you, and/ or a camera, make it into an artistic adventure, when you return home, not only have you helped your brain and blood flow , but also got some inspiration from nature!!!

How often do you walk???How does your walking rather for leisure or exercise impact your life ??? Love to hear your thoughts and comments....


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AARP .org/healthywalking 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My simple home craft project for the day "Upholstering my kitchen chairs"

So, I was insanely tired of the old boring look on the cushions of my kitchen chairs. They no longer had the new look and feel. So, I decided why not upholster them myself.


A project that was on the TO DO LIST for quite a while.

 If I knew how easy it would have been I would have done it months ago. It's pretty easy, simply follow these few steps:

1. Pick out your upholstery fabric ( measurements are typically 1/2 yard of 60 inches wide material per chair) to be sure consult your local fabric store representative.

2.  Figure out which way you like to fabric to run, if it is a print
3.  Remove existing cushions by unscrewing it from the legs of the chairs

4. Place fabric on a flat surface, the floor works great. Then place cushions on wrong side up , cut material around the cushions allowing space for the fabric to fold/ wrap over the cushion like wrapping a gift, it doesn't need to wrap completely just at least 4-5 inches , enough so that the original cushion can't be seen once completed.

5. Use a staple gun or  upholstery tacks to hold fabric to cushion. Place covered cushion on chair and screw it back on the bottom part of the chair.

And voila you have just created a new chairs, with out actually buying new chairs!!!!!

Have any other upholstering or easy home decorating ideas you like to share???Have you ever upholstered anything in your home if so what was it and how did it turn out???


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: Which car colors can generate more cash at TRADE -IN????

When shopping for a car these days , there are an endless amount of options to make your selection more valuable...... 

CAR COLOR can be worth $$

 Did you know that your car's color can play a big role in getting more cash at TRADE-IN??? That's right, according to an article by AARP magazine, cars that are SILVER, WHITE,or BLACK are much easier to sell, describes Chief Economist at the National Automobile Dealers Association, Paul Taylor. These colors can earn you about $300 more in trade in value.

How interesting, I mean I agree that sometimes we like to be creative and go for the eccentric colors, like for example my previous car color was TEAL, but when it came time to sell it, I definitely had a challenge.

 So now, you maybe wondering what is the number one car color sold?
According to AARP magazine WHITE is tops the list followed by BLACK , then SILVER. The downside of  these three colors, is they are popular amongst car thieves.

Do you feel the color of the vehicle is most important when selecting a car??? If you could chose any exotic color to have your dream car what would it be?And why? Love to hear your thoughts ,comments...


AARP Magazine Bulletin, March 2011, p 26.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday's Words:"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.....

I decided to blog about this famous quote:

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."

After reading this , I thought this most definitely highlights the key elements of our inner creativity and its relationship to art-making. I mean really, when you are being creative you are letting ideas and concepts flow, " allowing yourself to make mistakes", because ultimately you won't realize the mistake until you clearly define what you are trying to achieve. But , as an artist rather drawing , crafting ,sewing, etc., there comes a point when you must decide which of those mistakes, are worth keeping......

What are your thoughts on this quote? Do you find that this quote relates to you and your art making, if so, how ? We love to hear your thoughts and comments......



Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: A hard boiled egg can soothe pink eye????

Some foods in your refrigerator , can be the perfect remedy for certain common illnesses.

Like for example, "Did you know a common breakfast food could soothe irritated pink eye"???.

Well according to a Live Smart article found in USA Weekend, a  hard-boiled egg out of the pot wrapped in a washcloth  placed over the eye for about 5 minutes can soothe an irritated pink eye.

Just thought I'd share this, it is definitely something to note in the your "Personal Mom/Dad  Fix- it Book"...I have definitely made my note.

Do you have any other homeopathic remedies, you use that  you'd like to share??? We love to hear....

Article Source: USA WEEKEND (March 18-20  2011)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Artful Tidbits: Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???

Artful Tidbits: Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???: "Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???? You most certainly deserve one..... Myself along with many of you are constantly multi-tasking an..."

Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???

Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today????
You most certainly deserve one.....
Myself along with many of you are constantly multi-tasking and busy trying to get everything done in a day, sometimes more than physically possible, that we forget to STOP and TAKE A BREAK....

While  attending an informative workshop last week sponsored by Mompreneur Gallery , the question presented was  " As entrepreneurs do you take a lunch break during the day? Most of the responses were neh, and eating while working wasn't considered an acceptable answer to the question, though it was a common response. At that point, I began to do a total self evaluation and realized, this is a problem....

If you are working from home, or have your own Craft,Art, Design, or any type of business owner...

Ask yourself in my daily schedule to I set a TRUE BREAK time for myself. If I was working for a company I would be given a BREAK TIME, so why don't I give myself one?????

Try it sometime, it could be as little as 15 minutes. This time helps your mind rest and rejuvenate and can help you become more productive throughout the day!!! Once you try it or if you are already trying it, let us know how its going for you???? Love to hear your comments....



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Words: "A Picture is a Poem without Words???

"A Picture is a Poem Without Words".
by ,Horace 

 I decided to write this blog based on a famous quote ....As an artist, (creative individual) we are always using design elements to suggest a unique message or story to the viewer.

 This is what makes ART making a uniquely remarkable process, it speaks to viewers in a language, without the use of word.....yet everyone can "read " it and take some message away from it.

 What kinds of stories or life experiences are you conveying in your ART making?? What mediums do you use to convey your story??? How does this quote relate to your Artistic Projects....Love to hear your comments and your story....



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turning up the Heat this Summer in Your ART

Now that summer is around the corner, it's time to turn up the HEAT and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. 
How are you reflecting  this in your artwork?????

Well recently , I have been working on a commissioned painting. In this painting I used BOLD, BRIGHT, and DYNAMIC design elements in an abstract formation.  The guidelines from my client was "BRIGHT , BOLD and COLORFUL, no browns or greens.

As  I began the painting I instantly thought of summer, and the bright energetic color palette of  mother nature during this time of year.

Part 1. (Sketch)

Sketched onto (3) 18 x 36 Panels, with pencil, then rough mixing of bright bold colors on smaller piece.

  Part 2 Final with Paint
So, in turning up the HEAT, I began constantly mixing until I got the right color bright hues and color mixtures which would make this abstract piece "POP".

How are you TURNING UP THE HEAT this SUMMER in your ART??? How are you heating things up, breaking out of the box, rather it be through color , size, mediums or new projects?? Love to hear your comments.



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: How to Create useful tools and space for your ART??

Some Unique Ideas for Enhancing your Art Space

Why not, spread your creativity to creating useful tools and space  for your ART. Remember the better tools you have and more ART Friendly you make your workspace the more you are likely to create without getting frustrated. 
While you are creating always think of ways you can make your space better, by making note of how you can better accommodate your  materials...
Here are some ways to enhance your ART SPACE rather if is an actual studio or corner in your living room.
Shelving- purchase inexpensive shelves , to hold your paints,books,binders, and other tools

Staging your Work- create a system and area to store  Start Creations-Works in Progress-Work that is Finished, which will help you keep a system and keep you aware of how many works are in what group.

Inspiration Box/BIN- Keep a tote or bin filled with things that inspire you , favorite pics,magazines, latest art exhibit photos, etc.

Plain Small Box( with top cut so you can see colors) - makes a perfect container for your Paint (if you are a painter)

Coffee Cans- perfect for holding paint brushes, pencils and pens

Egg Carton ( clean of course)- perfect for to hold small beads , buttons other tiny craft supplies.

Empty Yogurt or pudding cups - make for create painting mixing containers or to hold glitter and small beads.

Plastic Grocery Bags- perfect for to cover over areas when doing small projects which entail glitter , glue , stains that could mess up existing furniture or rugs.

Do you have any creative tools you use that we can add to the list??? What ways do use incorporate creative recycling into your art space??? Love to hear your comments.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tidbit Thurdays: A Masterpainting with a deep rooted family secret revealed.

 Tidbit Thursday:
  "Not everything is what is seems, especially in the art world"

Sometimes deep rooted Family Secrets, can become the perfect subject for a painting.

For many years the famous painting of Guilia de' Medici ,by Pontormo in about 1538 had a figure painted out of the portrait, due to family tension and hardship. It wasn't until about nearly 400 years later during a routine cleaning that the figure was detected.  A figure a little girl , which origin became a mystery until further research proved that she was indeed apart of the family,  was of African descent, later became orphaned , had the potential to become duchesses , but becuase of family tension, did not get the honor and was later painted out of the portrait.

   Just thought I share this with you, next time looking at a painting , ask yourself "what is the artist trying to convey and why?  Love to hear your thoughts and comments...We are listening ...

Find out more about this article in our current free issue of Seasonal Artz click here
Find out more online click here


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

STOP and GET in Tune with your Best Creative Self:

It is so super easy to get wrapped up in life's demands that we forget to take time out to STOP.

 I along with many of you have been extremely guilty of this. I felt compelled to write this blog, because life can have many sometimes too many demands ,especially when you have a craft business , are a parent , enrolled in  post graduate school, a wife or husband, and involved in local community programs. Any of these sound like you??? All five of these categories may be describing you, or maybe just some of them. However, way you look at it, it is imperative that you remember to STOP and smell the Roses every once in while and get in tune with your best SELF.

Here are some simple techniques to help you STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES: These techniques can help you avoid BURNOUT, which is not in anyway conducive to being your best  Creative Self:

Relax- sometimes easier said that done, but it is imperative that you find time to just relax your mind,  take a nap, meditate, or take a relaxing candle light bath.

Self time- remember YOU, you have to find time to also do things that you love to do. When scheduling meetings, or appointments in your day planner write in time for YOU, why not, you do it for others!!

Take a trip- this a great form of mind cleansing. Trips don't have to be extravagant, try a simple day trip , visit your favorite local museum, beach , or park. Or discover somewhere new.

Set an OFF Time-  Sometimes not easy, but  Each day try to establish early on what time is done time, (the time of the day or evening when you call off work), including turning off the smartphone, the computer, social networking sites and focus on other things in life, like family and friends. This will help to avoid overworking..which can ultimately take a toll on your mind and body.

Hope you find these techniques helpful.. Are there any techniques you want to add that have worked for you?? Set yourself to a challenge, try one of these techniques, let us know how you feel afterward...we are listening....


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How being inspired from your summer travels can really pay off?

Being inspired by some of your favorite places can really pay off...
There are certain destinations in our summer travels that tend to spark our creative energies, while inspiring our artistic abilities. Like having that itch to create after spending a day at the beach....This is exactly what happened to me, during one of my visits to Long Beach Island , NJ.

I felt compelled to create something depicting my experience, so I created "Under The Sea"
"Under the Sea"

As I painter ,I am often struck by the natural vibrant color patterns found in mother nature. The beach just so happened to be one of those places, especially one hot summer day in July when visiting LBI, NJ. I remember, as soon as I got home, I wanted to create a piece with mixed media, that captured the very essence of the deep blue depths of the ocean and the aquatic life inhabiting it.

 "Under the Sea"turned out to be a popular piece at every art show and I am happy to announce that to my surprise it was purchased, over this past weekend and now has a new happy home...

Have you ever created a piece based on your travels? If so , please share. What mostly inspires you to create( people,places, things, experiences)? Love to hear your comments..

see more mixed media paintings

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What it takes to be a Mom, how many hats are you wearing????

In today's society we have busy lifestyles ,and there tends to be many duties to fulfilling the title of a MOM. 
 because of this most Moms have been given the title "Supermom".

Here is a brief job description with it's title that describes what it takes to be a MOM.

Caregiver-this is from the moment of first becoming a mom.
Chef- even if you don't make gourmet meals, you still make bottles and prepare snacks
Custodian/housekeeper- not many of us are bless with maid service, even so there is still a little tidying up to do.
Teacher-Remember you are your child's first educator.
Event Planner- scheduling play dates, birthday parties, and family outtings.
Medic- you are on call 24/7 from birth whenever your child has a sign of sickness.
Not to mention your personal life duties:
Employee,(or Business Owner,freelancer,), wife (or life partner,girlfriend,etc), friend, colleague.. The list is ongoing.

          So Mothers , take a minute , and enjoy life you deserve it...

  Here is a something special I designed , 
especially for you!From a Mom to a Mom...

Happy Mother's Day!!

for more of Andrea's Customizable Gifts

 What are your thoughts on Motherhood? Any plans for Mother's Day? We love to hear your comments, we are listening....


Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Personalized Mother's Day!!

Happy Mothers' Day Card (Dogwood photo card
Happy Mothers' Day Card (Dogwood photo by terrie0321

I shot this photo a few days ago, as the dogwood tree in front of my house was in full bloom. I have applied it to my zazzle store in many unique gift options for Mother's Day. I am delighted to share these with you all.

Make it a Special Mother's Day with unique one of a kind specialty gifts, she definitely deserves it!!!

Do you have a favorite item from my zazzle store? Which pieces do you like best the photography or the abstract painting customizable products? Comments are welcomed...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

TidBit Thursday:Okra starts off as a fruit....

Did you know that "Okra" (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench )that green elongated food that  usually has a slimy center with seeds is actually a fruit. Research suggests that it is a fruit because of its edible green seed pods, that are then cooked to be used as a vegetable.

 So you are wondering, Why or how does Okra start of as a fruit ?? Food scientists characterize fruits and vegetables with following guideline, if it has seeds its a fruit , if it does not contain seeds its a vegetable.

Though I don't particuliarly eat Okra , I though this was some interesting tidbit to share.  Throughout my life I always referred to this green food as a vegetable. I 've come to realize that I am probably not alone.
I guess I have to look at some food a little differently when at the produce market, things like tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins and food like potatoes and onions and actually have a better understanding of  what it is that I am eating...

Did you find this information helpful? What foods will you be including in your diet, after checking out these tidbits? Have some other food facts to share??? Love to hear your thoughts and comments...


For more info:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Developing your Identity in Your Artwork

Culture ,Life Experience, Education and Environment all play a key role in who we are. These elements are fundamental to who we are (self).

It's important as creative individuals , that you make your art work that speaks who you are , to others by developing some sort of identity. Identity along with technical skill of course, is an important element that helps your work stand out among others.

For instance, my background culture is multi racial ,so sometimes in my art making I incorporate key traits of my cultures, through symbols,color scheme,subject matter,etc.
  Tresses- Combs and beads are throughout this piece, rich ethnic color scheme of red,gold and black. This depicts the essence of adornment by African Women.


Kokopelli- Southwestern landscape and warm tones depicts the ritual nature of my Native American Heritage.

So, how are you telling "your story" through your art making? How are you using your culture, life experience, enviornment or education as your identity in your art work? Love to hear your comments.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: Is it impossible to pay only 5 cents a gallon???

What if you could pay only about 5 cents a gallon for gas?????Think this is impossible, well think again.
 In Venezuela consumers can pay about 5 cents a gallon for gas.

  After hearing this and doing a little research,  I felt compelled to share this with you. Gas prices is something that affects everyone, not only drivers. This is often times reflected in the fluctuated prices we pay for items that depend on gasoline to them to our grocery stores,retail stores,offices and homes. Sometimes this can be a grueling state of affairs, but it is interesting to know that in some countries like Venezuela consumers can pay just under $1 to fill up there vehicle.
 Are you thinking how is this possible???? Their government pays about 90% of the oil's actual cost.
I like to conclude leaving you with these questions:
What if the U.S. government did this for us ? How would it be? What if we produced our own oil or alternative methods to gasoline how would this impact our economy? How would it impact you?

Love to hear your comments,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Emerging from Within": Imperative to your Career as an Artist

During the creative process of my newest piece, I was motivated by the concept of " Emerging" and the important role  it plays in the career of an Artist.
Emerge-(Verb) - Move out of or away from something and come into view
                       -Recover from or survive a difficult or demanding situation (google dictionary)

As artisans, it's important for us to exercise this concept in many levels. I like to view art making , as a tool for language , which funnels our creative inspiration into expression, this in itself is an act of "emergence". 
Over the past few weeks I  came up with an abstract painting "Emerging from Within" .
I wanted to use color and design elements that portrayed a lady, with some of her details kind of obscure, and had to be pulled out of the abstract shapes. This would look like she is emerging from within the piece herself. I think this is something everyone experience rather an artist or not, there is a point in your life where you will emerge from within on the path to being your true self.

Want to share your "emerging" story with us, we love to hear, how you are "emerging from within" as an artisan, ( your challenges, how your combat them,etc.)

Hear my story click here

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love to share my story with you, my interview with Creativity Unmasked!!!

Ever wanted to know a little more, about who is the person behind these Artful Tidbits blogs, who is Andrea, and what sparked her creativity. 
Well here it is, an interview of me ,Terika Andrea with Creativity Unmasked:  I love to share my story with you,simply:

Feel free to share your comments with me,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tidbit Thursday:Hey Crafters, Olive oil is not only good for cooking!!!

 Crafters, these are definitely some useful tips, because often times things can get messy ,especially when constantly handling paint,glue,clay and other mediums, that seem to end up on our hands...then on everything else not in our studio.

Ok, so many of us, even if you just cook every now and again, have some type of Olive Oil in our pantry. But did you know that Olive Oil can have many great uses, besides being a staple ingredient in our favorite Italian dishes.
Great simple uses for Olive Oil

Do you like many of us, have some modern stainless steel appliances, rather it be toasters,frig,stove, dishwasher, etc ,though it looks state of the art aned modern , fingers prints and dull marks seem to find there way on them.
Polish with Olive Oil and a lint free cloth
* pour about a dime size to a quarter size into cloth and wipe in a circular motion
more on this

Crafters ,if you are constantly washing your hands, here is a great simple olive oil exfolianting scrub for your hands, and even your body.
Olive Oil and Sea Salt Scrub
*Mix three tablespoons of Olive Oil, with 2 tablespoons of Sea Salt
*In a circular motion scrub the mixture into your hands or area,then rinse with warm water.

Hope you find these tidbits helpful, have any other you want to share? Feel free to comment, tell us your experience with these tips.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

TidBit Thursday: " Crafters, a non-toxic solution for clogged drains"

Ok so, yet again your drain is clogged , it could be caused by the many times your washed your paint brushes, washed crafting adhesives solvents down the drain, or is it because little Susan thought it would be fun to put her small toys down the drain.  Whatever, the reason may be ,the water is taking forever in a day to go down. 
        Well there is relief and it doesn't require calling the very expensive"plumber"

Yes, and you may not even have to take a trip to your local store,simply look in your cupboard and medicine cabinet.
"All You'll need"
3 Alka Seltzer Tablets
1 cup of White Vinegar

Put 3 tablets of down the drain, followed by the white vinegar, after the fizzing sound stops , run hot water for approx 4 minutes.


For more great tips:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How are you Challenging your Creativity???

As creative artisans, we are constantly funneling inspiration into creative masterpieces. In this process sometimes we tend to stick to projects , which have a sense of normalcy. However, it is almost imperative to take a dive into a new realm of art-making, every once in a while.

Over the past few days I set out a challenge for myself, 
   Creating a painting on the largest piece of  plywood that I could find, never done before, this was indeed out of my realm and challenged ever limit of my creativity. 
Connection    ( Acrylic on Wood)
  I found that I had a lot more space to paint then I was ever use to. Although it was different for me , it was also fun.  I enjoyed the whole idea of "spreading out" so to speak, I could literally spread my paints from one corner to the next , and one edge to the next in a big fluid motion. Because  I had more space to cover , this painting did take me a whole lot longer to complete ,then other paintings. But in retrospect , it was so totally worth it, I definitely learned alot with this challenge and I think now  I am definitely not afraid to go BIG . I think I will start on my next BIG painting very soon.

 Have you taken any creative challenges lately? Pushed your creativity to the next level with a really different medium,subject matter, craft project, etc? Love to hear the results of your new challenges?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Artful Tidbits: Tidbit Thursday: How to get Crayon stains off your...

Artful Tidbits: Tidbit Thursday: How to get Crayon stains off your...: "So, your toddler has turned your wall in your home into a large palette filled with crayon marks. Wondering how on earth you are going..."

Tidbit Thursday: How to get Crayon stains off your Painted wall

So, your toddler has turned your wall in your home into a large palette filled with crayon marks. Wondering how on earth  you are going to get these stains out; try toothpaste.

Did you know that toothpaste, yeah that stuff you use to brush your teeth everyday, removes crayon from painted walls, simply just add a bit on a dampened cloth, it will remove the crayon from the painted wall.

Try it out , love to hear what you think and how its working for you, we're listening......

For more great art tips log onto

Some other tips for the uses of toothpaste (

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Masterpainting with Acrylic Paints

Acrylic Painting can be fun....
 To turn your acrylic painting in a masterpiece ,you must first know, how to combat some it's natural characteristics:
  • Adding Too much water will thin the pigment, making it a wash,  unless you are going for this effect, be careful with amounts of added water ,unlike watercolor once acrylics are dry they aren't re-hydra table.
  • Allowing it to dry before too soon- will leave a permanent mark on your painting, once painted Acrylics are non-removable, some solvents can lift fresh paint, but the stain will still be there.
  • Mixing color on another when dry, will not mix colors together, instead will just color on top of existing color. 
Here are some tips:

Adding too much water- just add enough to wet the brush and allow for a smooth stroke 

Allowing it to dry at your on pace-try  keeping a spray bottle filled with water, so that you can squirt the paint wil it's in the pallette, also try priming the canvas with gesso before painting this will aid in slowing the drying process of the paint.        
      + Select your colors  prior to starting your painting,keep them ready to use in a storage container with a lid

Mixing paint colors- "Wet on Wet" , acrylics mix together when they are wet, so when adding shadow or dimension to shapes it is important to do this while the paint is still wet.

Master Painting can be done with acrylics , I prefer to use them in my paintings!!

Love to hear how you use acrylic paints , do you have some tricks and tips to share????

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