Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: How to Create useful tools and space for your ART??

Some Unique Ideas for Enhancing your Art Space

Why not, spread your creativity to creating useful tools and space  for your ART. Remember the better tools you have and more ART Friendly you make your workspace the more you are likely to create without getting frustrated. 
While you are creating always think of ways you can make your space better, by making note of how you can better accommodate your  materials...
Here are some ways to enhance your ART SPACE rather if is an actual studio or corner in your living room.
Shelving- purchase inexpensive shelves , to hold your paints,books,binders, and other tools

Staging your Work- create a system and area to store  Start Creations-Works in Progress-Work that is Finished, which will help you keep a system and keep you aware of how many works are in what group.

Inspiration Box/BIN- Keep a tote or bin filled with things that inspire you , favorite pics,magazines, latest art exhibit photos, etc.

Plain Small Box( with top cut so you can see colors) - makes a perfect container for your Paint (if you are a painter)

Coffee Cans- perfect for holding paint brushes, pencils and pens

Egg Carton ( clean of course)- perfect for to hold small beads , buttons other tiny craft supplies.

Empty Yogurt or pudding cups - make for create painting mixing containers or to hold glitter and small beads.

Plastic Grocery Bags- perfect for to cover over areas when doing small projects which entail glitter , glue , stains that could mess up existing furniture or rugs.

Do you have any creative tools you use that we can add to the list??? What ways do use incorporate creative recycling into your art space??? Love to hear your comments.


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