Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: A hard boiled egg can soothe pink eye????

Some foods in your refrigerator , can be the perfect remedy for certain common illnesses.

Like for example, "Did you know a common breakfast food could soothe irritated pink eye"???.

Well according to a Live Smart article found in USA Weekend, a  hard-boiled egg out of the pot wrapped in a washcloth  placed over the eye for about 5 minutes can soothe an irritated pink eye.

Just thought I'd share this, it is definitely something to note in the your "Personal Mom/Dad  Fix- it Book"...I have definitely made my note.

Do you have any other homeopathic remedies, you use that  you'd like to share??? We love to hear....

Article Source: USA WEEKEND (March 18-20  2011)

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