Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turning up the Heat this Summer in Your ART

Now that summer is around the corner, it's time to turn up the HEAT and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. 
How are you reflecting  this in your artwork?????

Well recently , I have been working on a commissioned painting. In this painting I used BOLD, BRIGHT, and DYNAMIC design elements in an abstract formation.  The guidelines from my client was "BRIGHT , BOLD and COLORFUL, no browns or greens.

As  I began the painting I instantly thought of summer, and the bright energetic color palette of  mother nature during this time of year.

Part 1. (Sketch)

Sketched onto (3) 18 x 36 Panels, with pencil, then rough mixing of bright bold colors on smaller piece.

  Part 2 Final with Paint
So, in turning up the HEAT, I began constantly mixing until I got the right color bright hues and color mixtures which would make this abstract piece "POP".

How are you TURNING UP THE HEAT this SUMMER in your ART??? How are you heating things up, breaking out of the box, rather it be through color , size, mediums or new projects?? Love to hear your comments.




  1. you do amazing work -- just out of curiosity, how long did this project take? <3 from a new follower via FB's Crafty Bloggers

  2. Hi from your new follower, now google friend following you, Karima from

  3. Hi there Andrea. I am pleased to find you through the ethers :) I have browsed your website and you posts on THE HIVE, where I am a member as well. Your artwork is phenomenal. I am a new blogger and a born again crafts person. Check out my blog as well

  4. Thanks Karen, for your follow ,glad to hear you like it :) This painting took about 3 Days to complete, probably would have taken less time ,but life gets in the way.

  5. Karima, thanks for your following, just checked out your recent blog love it!!!

  6. Oh thanks AMorita I appreciate you stopping by...just checked out your blog the Miami shots will have to put that on my vacation list...


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