Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: A hard boiled egg can soothe pink eye????

Some foods in your refrigerator , can be the perfect remedy for certain common illnesses.

Like for example, "Did you know a common breakfast food could soothe irritated pink eye"???.

Well according to a Live Smart article found in USA Weekend, a  hard-boiled egg out of the pot wrapped in a washcloth  placed over the eye for about 5 minutes can soothe an irritated pink eye.

Just thought I'd share this, it is definitely something to note in the your "Personal Mom/Dad  Fix- it Book"...I have definitely made my note.

Do you have any other homeopathic remedies, you use that  you'd like to share??? We love to hear....

Article Source: USA WEEKEND (March 18-20  2011)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Artful Tidbits: Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???

Artful Tidbits: Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???: "Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???? You most certainly deserve one..... Myself along with many of you are constantly multi-tasking an..."

Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???

Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today????
You most certainly deserve one.....
Myself along with many of you are constantly multi-tasking and busy trying to get everything done in a day, sometimes more than physically possible, that we forget to STOP and TAKE A BREAK....

While  attending an informative workshop last week sponsored by Mompreneur Gallery , the question presented was  " As entrepreneurs do you take a lunch break during the day? Most of the responses were neh, and eating while working wasn't considered an acceptable answer to the question, though it was a common response. At that point, I began to do a total self evaluation and realized, this is a problem....

If you are working from home, or have your own Craft,Art, Design, or any type of business owner...

Ask yourself in my daily schedule to I set a TRUE BREAK time for myself. If I was working for a company I would be given a BREAK TIME, so why don't I give myself one?????

Try it sometime, it could be as little as 15 minutes. This time helps your mind rest and rejuvenate and can help you become more productive throughout the day!!! Once you try it or if you are already trying it, let us know how its going for you???? Love to hear your comments....



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Words: "A Picture is a Poem without Words???

"A Picture is a Poem Without Words".
by ,Horace 

 I decided to write this blog based on a famous quote ....As an artist, (creative individual) we are always using design elements to suggest a unique message or story to the viewer.

 This is what makes ART making a uniquely remarkable process, it speaks to viewers in a language, without the use of word.....yet everyone can "read " it and take some message away from it.

 What kinds of stories or life experiences are you conveying in your ART making?? What mediums do you use to convey your story??? How does this quote relate to your Artistic Projects....Love to hear your comments and your story....



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turning up the Heat this Summer in Your ART

Now that summer is around the corner, it's time to turn up the HEAT and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. 
How are you reflecting  this in your artwork?????

Well recently , I have been working on a commissioned painting. In this painting I used BOLD, BRIGHT, and DYNAMIC design elements in an abstract formation.  The guidelines from my client was "BRIGHT , BOLD and COLORFUL, no browns or greens.

As  I began the painting I instantly thought of summer, and the bright energetic color palette of  mother nature during this time of year.

Part 1. (Sketch)

Sketched onto (3) 18 x 36 Panels, with pencil, then rough mixing of bright bold colors on smaller piece.

  Part 2 Final with Paint
So, in turning up the HEAT, I began constantly mixing until I got the right color bright hues and color mixtures which would make this abstract piece "POP".

How are you TURNING UP THE HEAT this SUMMER in your ART??? How are you heating things up, breaking out of the box, rather it be through color , size, mediums or new projects?? Love to hear your comments.



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: How to Create useful tools and space for your ART??

Some Unique Ideas for Enhancing your Art Space

Why not, spread your creativity to creating useful tools and space  for your ART. Remember the better tools you have and more ART Friendly you make your workspace the more you are likely to create without getting frustrated. 
While you are creating always think of ways you can make your space better, by making note of how you can better accommodate your  materials...
Here are some ways to enhance your ART SPACE rather if is an actual studio or corner in your living room.
Shelving- purchase inexpensive shelves , to hold your paints,books,binders, and other tools

Staging your Work- create a system and area to store  Start Creations-Works in Progress-Work that is Finished, which will help you keep a system and keep you aware of how many works are in what group.

Inspiration Box/BIN- Keep a tote or bin filled with things that inspire you , favorite pics,magazines, latest art exhibit photos, etc.

Plain Small Box( with top cut so you can see colors) - makes a perfect container for your Paint (if you are a painter)

Coffee Cans- perfect for holding paint brushes, pencils and pens

Egg Carton ( clean of course)- perfect for to hold small beads , buttons other tiny craft supplies.

Empty Yogurt or pudding cups - make for create painting mixing containers or to hold glitter and small beads.

Plastic Grocery Bags- perfect for to cover over areas when doing small projects which entail glitter , glue , stains that could mess up existing furniture or rugs.

Do you have any creative tools you use that we can add to the list??? What ways do use incorporate creative recycling into your art space??? Love to hear your comments.


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