Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today???

Have you had your COFFEE BREAK today????
You most certainly deserve one.....
Myself along with many of you are constantly multi-tasking and busy trying to get everything done in a day, sometimes more than physically possible, that we forget to STOP and TAKE A BREAK....

While  attending an informative workshop last week sponsored by Mompreneur Gallery , the question presented was  " As entrepreneurs do you take a lunch break during the day? Most of the responses were neh, and eating while working wasn't considered an acceptable answer to the question, though it was a common response. At that point, I began to do a total self evaluation and realized, this is a problem....

If you are working from home, or have your own Craft,Art, Design, or any type of business owner...

Ask yourself in my daily schedule to I set a TRUE BREAK time for myself. If I was working for a company I would be given a BREAK TIME, so why don't I give myself one?????

Try it sometime, it could be as little as 15 minutes. This time helps your mind rest and rejuvenate and can help you become more productive throughout the day!!! Once you try it or if you are already trying it, let us know how its going for you???? Love to hear your comments....




  1. Well Andrea, I will follow this good advice. I'll have a cup of joe then back to work. :)

  2. Sounds good :) It really helps doesn't it!!!


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