Monday, December 17, 2012

The gift of a Smile..the greatest gift of all!!

On Saturday Morning December 15th,
 We had our 4th "Craft for the Children's Day" distribution for the children of Cooper Hospital.

We gathered toys,coloring books,crayons, and fun packs, and distributed them to the children in the hospital ranging from toddler to teens. We had a warm welcome from staff and visitors as we walked the halls with our festive holiday antlers.

All the goody bags with google eyes
And in the end we were able to  give the most greatest gift of all to the children, a smile...Each child was surprised to see us, and very thankful for thier lovely goodie craft bag, which by the way transformed into a reindeer, and we were able to give them the greatest gift of all a smile. This was indeed a rewarding and enriching experience.

Thanks to everyone for all their support
We look forward to returning next year, want to get involved in our next "Craft for the Children's Day, more details to come early spring 2013!!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday's Motivation :"Money Can't Buy Happiness....."

What an interesting way to start off the week:
I think it's important while you are earning a living that you always remember the words below

"Money can't buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you're being miserable".
By :Clare Boothe Luce

Let's admit we all have to earn a living in these days, but that doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice our true happiness. Remember its not about the materials in life that brings us happiness, just comfortability.

Take a second and reflect on ,what brings you happiness in your life?
Andrea's Artz LLC

Friday, November 23, 2012

Can't get to the Poconos or that Winter Retreat?

Can't get to the Poconos or that Winter Retreat?

Why not bring it to you? With Our Fine Art Collections just in time for the holidays you can have that home away from home feeling just by having some of our pieces displayed in your home/office.

"Navajo" (Mixed Media Wood Painting)
Take a trip to the Southwest without paying for airfare.

"Natures Elements" (Original Charcoal Drawing)
Visit the mountians during the winter holiday season without packing a suitcase.

Snow Tree ( Original Photography)
Experience a snow day without having to shovel.

Get these great pieces and more for wall decor , makes for perfect original gift ideas, Shop Andrea's Artz get great deals for the holidays.

Black Friday Weekend Sales Event

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A natural energy boost , may be in your Salad

Ok so we all have those days , when we just need a little extra boost.
Tired of drinking coffee and want something more natural without added sugars.

Try a Cucumber
Yes, a cucumber, that green thing that finds its way in your garden salads. Well , believe it or not , cucumbers have a lot of great vitamins and minerals that make them great for many uses, one being energy.

Did you know Cucumbers contain most of the vitamins you need everyday like vitamin b1, b2,b3 b5,b6 ,Folic Acid,Vitamin C,Calcium,Iron ,Magnesium,PHosphorous,Potassium and Zinc. Because cucumbers  contain so many B vitamins and natural Carbohydrates ,  they can really lift your midday energy levels, while providing you with nessecary nutrients your body needs.

So, feeling tired in the afternoon, grab a few slices of cucumbers and put down the caffeine.

Do you know any other uses for Cucumbers you like to share??..How about some other natural foods that increase our energy levels...We love to hear from you, We are listening..

Artful Tidbits
By Andrea
Info Source: (interesting info about cucumbers worth passing along)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips for Holiday Party Planning!!

The Holidays are just around the corner, and your long-to-do list keeps growing..
Here are some tips to help not go CRAZY during party planning..

Step 1:
Plan Ahead...( This couldn't be emphasized enough)(know who you want to invite, what you want to eat, how long it will be, and the theme if any.

Step 2.
Invitations.. There is something extra special about hand writting to your invites, have fun with it, use creative papers, stickers,and great bold colors.

Step 3.
Hors D oeuvres..(appetizers). Choose easy , finger foods that are full of flavor that compliment each other, and avoid , drippy sauces near expensive light colored rugs. Be sure to have appropriate silverware, plates at napkins at your Hors D oeuvers station, (in case occassional messes occur.

Step 4.
Liquor.. (be sure to have ice on hand for mixed drinks, you can never have enough ice.) And seasonal fruits for garnish. Also it's great to have an alcholic punch and a non alcholic punch for those guests who don't drink.

Atmosphere.. Be sure to have music,decorations and great smelling scents for a delightful aroma. If possible avoid the TV, try to have board games, and ice breaker games to keep guests involved socially with one another.

Most importantly Have FUN!!! No one wants to go to a party , where the host/hostess is no where to be found , because they are stuck in the kitchen . Try planning ahead, cooking and preparing food ahead so you can spend more time having fun with your guests.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking the duct tape off the roll ..and using it in FASHION!!

Taking the duct tape off the roll and using it in fashion...
Andrea certainly has been experimenting with this in her wearable collections...

        In creating the "Dazzling Zebra Collection" one comprised of bold black and white zebra print with a splash of red , Andrea chose to work with duct tape. This medium was like no other, very sticky, yet soft, bendable and dynamic. The Duct Tape although at times can be tough to work with, was a great material to make hair accessories with , main reason being you don't need any adhesive mediums , because once the tape was on , it wasn't going anywhere and it sticks to itself.
"Dazzling Zebra Collection"

The dynamic bold print in the tape , makes these hair accessories super fashionable. She is off to explore more in duct tape...Let's see what she comes up with next...

What is the most interesting item you saw made of duct tape? Have you ever used duct tape to create with? If so , how, if not, what would you like to see made from duct tape?



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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wine Glass Fall Centerpieces..Great for Thanksgiving Day!!

A Great Fall Decor idea for this years thanksgiving dinner.

Whether your having thanksgiving at your place or someone else's , what is just as important as the meal is the table set up. How are you decorating your thanksgiving table this year? Well, here is a simple , inexpensive decor idea that will have get your guests attention.

Wine Glass Centerpieces

During our last workshop with the Senior of Chestnut Station , in Merchantville we took various size wine glasses and turned them into marvelous holiday centerpieces. Here is how...

First we took 2-4 glass of various sizes , then we flipped them over , so the stem was and base were on top. Then we placed a pillar candle on top.

We then took the project  to the next level and added small fall accents inside of the glass before turning it over, even used craft glue to adhere the items onto the glass and even taped a few on the candle itself.

And Voila!!! When we placed them in the center of the table we had wonderful candle centerpieces , which gave festive illumination to the table..

(Spending time with others is the highlight of this holiday season, so happy we are able to spend time and do crafts with the Seniors of Chestnut Station.) How are you sharing your talent and spending time with others??

What is your favorite centerpiece to use during Thanksgiving? We love to hear your comments...


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to use Pinterest For Your Business?

I just had to take the time to share this wonderful article...

Have you been wondering what the "Pinterest" buzz is all about. Well, you must read this great easy read, packed with a wealth of info.
click link below

Once you are done this article , you are going to ask , Pinterest...what am  I waiting for??

This is most definitely on our to -do list, Be sure to be on look out for "Andrea's Pin Board " coming soon!!!

 What pin board do you have, or like to start?? What are some of your favorite pins?? We love to hear your comments... How are you using pinterest for your personal or business needs?


Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday's Motivation

Starting off the week with a Creative Inspiration...

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Pablo Picasso
Available in Print
Art making can be such a magical , and therapeutic experience. As an artist I always loved to create art, especially abstract art, because that was when rules didn't exists. I could just let my imagination run wild. In daily life sometimes there aren't many opportunities for us to do this. I totally agree with master artist Pablo Picasso on this .

What do you feel the purpose of art is? Does art wash the dust off your soul? If so , how? What type of art do you create or admire, why?

We love to hear your comments...


Andrea's Artz LLC

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's Motivation :

 Let's start off the week with this quote in mind!!!

"Either you run the day or the day runs you".
Amber Leaves Photo, available Framed
I am so happy to share this quote with you all. Unfortunately, with so many of us , the latter of this seems to be the case. In today's world, it can seem difficult to set a schedule and stick to it without going through the day like a ping pong ball.
How are you running your day??  Do set a daily schedule? How do you remain flexible to life's challenges?
Any suggestions on how not to let your day run you? We love to hear your thoughts and comments, I am sure we could all learn how to better navigate our days.

Andrea's Artz LLC


Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's Motivation :
Get motivated this Monday Morning, and start your week off with ....

"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later".Og Mandino

Original Photo- "Harvest"

No matter what your career , who you are or what point you are in life , Remember what you do NOW matters!!! Are you doing your best? If so, how do you strive to do your best, If not, is there something/things you need to work on.
Feel free to leave your comments

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Too Haute Shopping ...Join Andrea

So happy to share our newest fall collection at our upcoming event, Saturday Sept 15th.

This will be the ultimate Ladies Day Out , with food,shopping and leisure..

Get your tickets!!! Click below..

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hair Accessory Giveaway!!!

Giveaway!!!! Get your new hand painted hair accessory from Andrea's 2012 Spring Collection..

Be sure to answer our Question of the Day on facebook..

 "Which famous Artist is this new hand painted brooch inspired by?

Must become a fan of our Andrea's Art LLC facebook page. Then comment your answer. An individual will be randomly selected and win the latest hair fashion accessory from Andrea's Collection.

Good luck and be sure to get your answers in by 12 noon Monday June 4th.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are you Completing your Creative Projects?

Life has so many demands , and when you have things on the  to-do list it sometimes seems impossible to get a handle on them. Completing a task can be one of the hardest things, it is often easy to write a list of what needs to be done, but completing a creative project in a timely manner is a whole different ball game.


So glad I can share this with you all. I have finally successful finished my spring /summer hand painted accessory collection.

 Hand Painted Dimensional Brooch
On June 1st I will be showcasing them at the "Haddonfield's First Friday Event". Be sure to stop by and say hello. We are happy that we will be joining the festivities along kings highway located in Haddonfield ,NJ.

Are there projects that you had to complete which took longer than expected? How did your project turn out? Did you give up in the midst or did you continue to create?
We love to hear from you....


Order your brooch today , and get a free art gift !!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Andrea's Artful Tidbits: Spring Flower Brooches feelings…..

Andrea's Artful Tidbits: Spring Flower Brooches feelings…..: The time spring time is a great opportunity  to be creativity, because we have inspiration from  everywhere, like the sun, sky, trees. I ha...

Spring Flower Brooches feelings…..

The time spring time is a great opportunity  to be creativity, because we have inspiration from  everywhere, like the sun, sky, trees. I have special inspiration feelings from flowers colors. Every natural combination is unbelievable how nice it looks.

I try to get color ideas from the natural flowers and put on my creations….  Yes!!!!! I introduce my favorite orange color on a very special flower. I hope you like this. You could find more creation on our website.
The great thing about these hand painted flowers is they don’t require water, or special growing instructions, so you won’t need a green thumb to own one.
Please we are waiting for your comments. We love to hear your thoughts!!

From: Collections Pins Flowers.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday (What can sleep for up to 3 years???)

 In today’s fast paced society, many of us may like to add a few more rest hours to our day or perhaps have a whole day to catch up on much needed sleep.  If we were snails, we wouldn’t have to worry about catching up on sleep.

Today’s Tidbit : “A snail can sleep up to 3 years.”

Now that is truly being well rested.

Any interesting tidbits you like to share, we are listening and would love to hear your comments.
Photo: from-


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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday: " World's Largest Chocolate Bar "

Love chocolate… Well here is a great Guinness Record that may have your mouth watering…

Today’s Tidbit: “Grand Candy unveiled the world’s largest chocolate bar- 10 inch thick, 9,720 pounds and 18.4 ft by 9ft.”

Ever get a midday chocolate craving imagine biting into this chocolate candy bar. YUM

Any interesting food tidbits you like to share, we are listening and love to hear your comments…

Source: ( pg 3)


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Andrea's Artful Tidbits: Lunes de Motivacion: Si va hacer lo que ud. sabe h...

Andrea's Artful Tidbits: Lunes de Motivacion: Si va hacer lo que ud. sabe h...: "Si va a hacer lo que usted sabe hacer, que usted puede hacer- que nunca hace mucho. " Por Tom Krause ¿Está usted en una ramifi...

Lunes de Motivacion: Si va hacer lo que ud. sabe hacer......

"Si va a hacer lo que usted sabe hacer, que usted puede hacer- que nunca hace mucho. "

Por Tom Krause

¿Está usted en una ramificación fuera de su zona de confort?

¡Es tan cómodo para vivir dentro de lo que es familiar. Como individuo artista y creativo, es casi imprescindible para salir de su zona de confort y explorar con nuevos medios, técnicas y habilidades. Al salir usted se sorprenderá de lo que puede hacer!

¿Qué puede hacer ahora, que no sabía que se podía hacer antes?
Imagínese la vida si nunca aprendiste a hacer algo nuevo.

Te invitamos a compartir en nuestro blogg... animate hacer algo que nunca hiciste!!!

Monday's Motivation: If you only do what you know you can do......

"If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.”

By Tom Krause

Are you branching out of your comfort zone??

 It is so comfortable to live within what is familiar. As an artist and creative individual, it is almost imperative to break out of your comfort zone and explore with new mediums, techniques and skill sets. When you break out you will be amazed at what you can do!!

What can you do now, that you didn’t know you could do before? Imagine life if you never learned to do something new.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's sprouting in your garden???

Now that spring is here , the climate is changing and beautiful flowers and plants are begining to blossom everywhere you turn. What a wonderful time of year it is.

This wonderful change can bring on alot of changes in our own personal, business and professional lives, for example starting a new creative project or finishing existing ones.

Well here in my studio , I this spring weather has inspired me to start this new mixed media floral collection.
Floral pins Spring 2012 Collection

Each flower has been hand crafted and has mixed media elements which make them 3-dimensional. I tried to use vibrant color schemes and accents to achieve a rich splash of color.
This was the first one completed during the past weekend. It took a while to master, but once I got the hang of it I wanted to explore more types...
This one is my favorite, it reminds me of a tropical paradise garden, that I would love to someday visit.

What's sprouting in your garden?? Have you been working on any interesting spring projects?? We love to hear your comments..we are listening.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Motivacion del Lunes: "Sueña como si fueras a vivir para siempre...

"Sueña como si fueras a vivir para siempre, vive como si fueras a morir hoy".
Por James Dean

Me gustaría empezar esta semana, diciendo que nunca dejen de soñar, porque los sueños pueden hacerse realidad, sobre todo si vives como si fuera tu último día.

¿Cuáles son algunos de sus sueños? ¿Cómo va a hacer realidad? Nos encantaría escuchar sus comentarios


Monday's Motivation:“Dream as if you’ll live forever.......

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

By James Dean

I like to start off this week, by saying never stop DREAMING , because DREAMS can become reality, especially if you live as if it’s your last day.

What are some of your DREAMS? How to you plan to make them come true? We love to hear your comments


Monday, April 9, 2012

How to use your artistic talents to make someone smile?

 In juggle the many aspects of life, we often live within a mental box and forget about those who for some reason or another are suffering in ways we could never imagine. 
During this past weekend, a few people and I decided take a moment out of my life and touch the lives of others.

We organized a Crafts with the Children's Day for the Children of Cooper Hospital, although this project is in it's infancy, it has put a smile on many kids faces. Over this past Easter weekend, we were able to help spread cheer and supply the hospitalized children with fun crafts and Easter activity packs.

It was amazing to see how each family just appreciated us simply being there and thinking of their child. I mean what parent , looks forward to sitting by their child's hospital bed, waiting and praying for their son or daughter to get discharged.

Always remember !!When you don't know what , or how to give of yourself to others, just think of the talents and gifts you already are skilled with and try to spread that to others. I am sure to someone, somewhere it will bring a smile to their face.

So how are you using your creative talents to touch the lives of others??Are there any community service projects you helped organize?Any that you like to start-up? We love to hear your comments.


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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lunes de Motivacion:La gente realmente grandes te hacen sentir......

"La gente realmente grandes te hacen sentir que tú, también, puede llegar a ser grande."

Por: Mark Twain

Me encanta esta cita, porque muchas veces en la vida que ponemos tanto énfasis en nosotros mismos y nuestras expectativas personales, que a veces puede ser imposibles de alcanzar, y no nos tomamos el tiempo para centrarnos en las personas que nos rodean. La gente que nos permiten estar en los círculos internos.

¿Con quién te rodeas? Trate de tomar un minuto para pensar en con quién está en su círculo interior y pregúntate a ti mismo, que si son grandes o están llenos de energía negativa y tal vez se convierta en obstaculizar GRANDE.

¿Tiene la gente a tu alrededor GRANDES? Si es así, lo que los hace tan grande y si no ¿qué puede hacer para atraer a la gente grande en tu vida? Nos encantaría escuchar sus comentarios ....

Monday's Motivation: Really great people make you feel that you,

We start April with this great quote:

“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

By Mark Twain

I love this quote, because often times in life we put so emphasis on ourselves and meeting our personal expectations, which at times can be impossible to reach, and we don’t take the time out to focus on the people around us. The people we allow to be in our inner circles.

Who do you surround yourself with? Try taking a minute to think about who is in your inner circle and ask yourself, are they GREAT or are they full of negative  energy and perhaps hindering you from becoming GREAT. 

Do you have GREAT people around you? If so, what makes them so GREAT and if not what can you do to draw GREAT people in your life? We love to hear your comments….


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