Monday, December 17, 2012

The gift of a Smile..the greatest gift of all!!

On Saturday Morning December 15th,
 We had our 4th "Craft for the Children's Day" distribution for the children of Cooper Hospital.

We gathered toys,coloring books,crayons, and fun packs, and distributed them to the children in the hospital ranging from toddler to teens. We had a warm welcome from staff and visitors as we walked the halls with our festive holiday antlers.

All the goody bags with google eyes
And in the end we were able to  give the most greatest gift of all to the children, a smile...Each child was surprised to see us, and very thankful for thier lovely goodie craft bag, which by the way transformed into a reindeer, and we were able to give them the greatest gift of all a smile. This was indeed a rewarding and enriching experience.

Thanks to everyone for all their support
We look forward to returning next year, want to get involved in our next "Craft for the Children's Day, more details to come early spring 2013!!


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