Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tidbit Thursday:Hey Crafters, Olive oil is not only good for cooking!!!

 Crafters, these are definitely some useful tips, because often times things can get messy ,especially when constantly handling paint,glue,clay and other mediums, that seem to end up on our hands...then on everything else not in our studio.

Ok, so many of us, even if you just cook every now and again, have some type of Olive Oil in our pantry. But did you know that Olive Oil can have many great uses, besides being a staple ingredient in our favorite Italian dishes.
Great simple uses for Olive Oil

Do you like many of us, have some modern stainless steel appliances, rather it be toasters,frig,stove, dishwasher, etc ,though it looks state of the art aned modern , fingers prints and dull marks seem to find there way on them.
Polish with Olive Oil and a lint free cloth
* pour about a dime size to a quarter size into cloth and wipe in a circular motion
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Crafters ,if you are constantly washing your hands, here is a great simple olive oil exfolianting scrub for your hands, and even your body.
Olive Oil and Sea Salt Scrub
*Mix three tablespoons of Olive Oil, with 2 tablespoons of Sea Salt
*In a circular motion scrub the mixture into your hands or area,then rinse with warm water.

Hope you find these tidbits helpful, have any other you want to share? Feel free to comment, tell us your experience with these tips.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

TidBit Thursday: " Crafters, a non-toxic solution for clogged drains"

Ok so, yet again your drain is clogged , it could be caused by the many times your washed your paint brushes, washed crafting adhesives solvents down the drain, or is it because little Susan thought it would be fun to put her small toys down the drain.  Whatever, the reason may be ,the water is taking forever in a day to go down. 
        Well there is relief and it doesn't require calling the very expensive"plumber"

Yes, and you may not even have to take a trip to your local store,simply look in your cupboard and medicine cabinet.
"All You'll need"
3 Alka Seltzer Tablets
1 cup of White Vinegar

Put 3 tablets of down the drain, followed by the white vinegar, after the fizzing sound stops , run hot water for approx 4 minutes.


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How are you Challenging your Creativity???

As creative artisans, we are constantly funneling inspiration into creative masterpieces. In this process sometimes we tend to stick to projects , which have a sense of normalcy. However, it is almost imperative to take a dive into a new realm of art-making, every once in a while.

Over the past few days I set out a challenge for myself, 
   Creating a painting on the largest piece of  plywood that I could find, never done before, this was indeed out of my realm and challenged ever limit of my creativity. 
Connection    ( Acrylic on Wood)
  I found that I had a lot more space to paint then I was ever use to. Although it was different for me , it was also fun.  I enjoyed the whole idea of "spreading out" so to speak, I could literally spread my paints from one corner to the next , and one edge to the next in a big fluid motion. Because  I had more space to cover , this painting did take me a whole lot longer to complete ,then other paintings. But in retrospect , it was so totally worth it, I definitely learned alot with this challenge and I think now  I am definitely not afraid to go BIG . I think I will start on my next BIG painting very soon.

 Have you taken any creative challenges lately? Pushed your creativity to the next level with a really different medium,subject matter, craft project, etc? Love to hear the results of your new challenges?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Artful Tidbits: Tidbit Thursday: How to get Crayon stains off your...

Artful Tidbits: Tidbit Thursday: How to get Crayon stains off your...: "So, your toddler has turned your wall in your home into a large palette filled with crayon marks. Wondering how on earth you are going..."

Tidbit Thursday: How to get Crayon stains off your Painted wall

So, your toddler has turned your wall in your home into a large palette filled with crayon marks. Wondering how on earth  you are going to get these stains out; try toothpaste.

Did you know that toothpaste, yeah that stuff you use to brush your teeth everyday, removes crayon from painted walls, simply just add a bit on a dampened cloth, it will remove the crayon from the painted wall.

Try it out , love to hear what you think and how its working for you, we're listening......

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Masterpainting with Acrylic Paints

Acrylic Painting can be fun....
 To turn your acrylic painting in a masterpiece ,you must first know, how to combat some it's natural characteristics:
  • Adding Too much water will thin the pigment, making it a wash,  unless you are going for this effect, be careful with amounts of added water ,unlike watercolor once acrylics are dry they aren't re-hydra table.
  • Allowing it to dry before too soon- will leave a permanent mark on your painting, once painted Acrylics are non-removable, some solvents can lift fresh paint, but the stain will still be there.
  • Mixing color on another when dry, will not mix colors together, instead will just color on top of existing color. 
Here are some tips:

Adding too much water- just add enough to wet the brush and allow for a smooth stroke 

Allowing it to dry at your on pace-try  keeping a spray bottle filled with water, so that you can squirt the paint wil it's in the pallette, also try priming the canvas with gesso before painting this will aid in slowing the drying process of the paint.        
      + Select your colors  prior to starting your painting,keep them ready to use in a storage container with a lid

Mixing paint colors- "Wet on Wet" , acrylics mix together when they are wet, so when adding shadow or dimension to shapes it is important to do this while the paint is still wet.

Master Painting can be done with acrylics , I prefer to use them in my paintings!!

Love to hear how you use acrylic paints , do you have some tricks and tips to share????

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Modern Creative stay -at- home mom is:

I felt compelled to write this blog after I found myself  sending out an email on my phone, while cooking a pot of oatmeal for breakfast for my daughter.....

Stay at home moms are:
  • Putting in over 80hrs a / wk in WORK ( including but not limited to childcare of your little one,household chores, appointment setting, and not to mention time for your own source of income, especially, if it is a craft business..
  • A professional multi-tasker- and time management officer in training ( because there will always be days that will extend the learning curve)

With modern technology ,Today stay at home moms are taking things to a whole new level.
  • Like having their smartphone/ blackberry attached to their waist, instead of a multi- pocketed apron. 
  • Instead of just knitting and crocheting booties for thier child/ren, modern mommas are selling their creations to the entire world, via internet.   
  • The family van/ has become  mom's business vehicle to tote craft projects to and from craft shows & exhibits.
    Moms are definitely using their creative talents to take the term "housewife" to a whole new level...
        (In The Past)

        Would love to hear your thoughts, or about your creative lifestyle as a modern stay at home mom....

        Andrea the work my daughter has inspired me to create)
        Some sites to visit for helpful hints and advice.

        Friday, March 11, 2011

        Making it "Pop" !!!!

        All throughout one's art career the rather it been from professors,colleagues,collectors, buyers , etc., the three letter word "Pop" has been used to describe jaw dropping artwork.  But what does this mean. 

        According to the dictionary from
        Pop- cause to burst with a loud, explosive sound;start: bulge outward;make a sharp explosive noise;

         So how does this have anything to do with art??? Well in the fine art world whether a piece "pops or not" often times has to do with the Colors and Shapes used in the composition and how the are combined to make certain parts of the painting,drawing,photograph, and pottery, etc. stand out. Pieces that "pop" are very attractive to the eye and instantly catches the attention of viewers. .... often leading to conversations, which can then lead to sales...
        Take a look at this painting...(at the left
        The colors and shapes of the design make certain aspects of this painting "pop". The bright colors along with the metallic paints make this an eye - catching piece. The people really "pop" from the background.
        So, just remember when you start to bring out the paints, pencils, markers, and other supplies ... think to yourself how can I make this  piece "pop".

        (Celebrate) Acrylic Wood Painting 
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