Thursday, March 24, 2011

TidBit Thursday: " Crafters, a non-toxic solution for clogged drains"

Ok so, yet again your drain is clogged , it could be caused by the many times your washed your paint brushes, washed crafting adhesives solvents down the drain, or is it because little Susan thought it would be fun to put her small toys down the drain.  Whatever, the reason may be ,the water is taking forever in a day to go down. 
        Well there is relief and it doesn't require calling the very expensive"plumber"

Yes, and you may not even have to take a trip to your local store,simply look in your cupboard and medicine cabinet.
"All You'll need"
3 Alka Seltzer Tablets
1 cup of White Vinegar

Put 3 tablets of down the drain, followed by the white vinegar, after the fizzing sound stops , run hot water for approx 4 minutes.


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