Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Masterpainting with Acrylic Paints

Acrylic Painting can be fun....
 To turn your acrylic painting in a masterpiece ,you must first know, how to combat some it's natural characteristics:
  • Adding Too much water will thin the pigment, making it a wash,  unless you are going for this effect, be careful with amounts of added water ,unlike watercolor once acrylics are dry they aren't re-hydra table.
  • Allowing it to dry before too soon- will leave a permanent mark on your painting, once painted Acrylics are non-removable, some solvents can lift fresh paint, but the stain will still be there.
  • Mixing color on another when dry, will not mix colors together, instead will just color on top of existing color. 
Here are some tips:

Adding too much water- just add enough to wet the brush and allow for a smooth stroke 

Allowing it to dry at your on pace-try  keeping a spray bottle filled with water, so that you can squirt the paint wil it's in the pallette, also try priming the canvas with gesso before painting this will aid in slowing the drying process of the paint.        
      + Select your colors  prior to starting your painting,keep them ready to use in a storage container with a lid

Mixing paint colors- "Wet on Wet" , acrylics mix together when they are wet, so when adding shadow or dimension to shapes it is important to do this while the paint is still wet.

Master Painting can be done with acrylics , I prefer to use them in my paintings!!

Love to hear how you use acrylic paints , do you have some tricks and tips to share????

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