Friday, March 11, 2011

Making it "Pop" !!!!

All throughout one's art career the rather it been from professors,colleagues,collectors, buyers , etc., the three letter word "Pop" has been used to describe jaw dropping artwork.  But what does this mean. 

According to the dictionary from
Pop- cause to burst with a loud, explosive sound;start: bulge outward;make a sharp explosive noise;

 So how does this have anything to do with art??? Well in the fine art world whether a piece "pops or not" often times has to do with the Colors and Shapes used in the composition and how the are combined to make certain parts of the painting,drawing,photograph, and pottery, etc. stand out. Pieces that "pop" are very attractive to the eye and instantly catches the attention of viewers. .... often leading to conversations, which can then lead to sales...
Take a look at this painting...(at the left
The colors and shapes of the design make certain aspects of this painting "pop". The bright colors along with the metallic paints make this an eye - catching piece. The people really "pop" from the background.
So, just remember when you start to bring out the paints, pencils, markers, and other supplies ... think to yourself how can I make this  piece "pop".

(Celebrate) Acrylic Wood Painting 
Property of Andrea's Artz

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