Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tidbit Thurdays: A Masterpainting with a deep rooted family secret revealed.

 Tidbit Thursday:
  "Not everything is what is seems, especially in the art world"

Sometimes deep rooted Family Secrets, can become the perfect subject for a painting.

For many years the famous painting of Guilia de' Medici ,by Pontormo in about 1538 had a figure painted out of the portrait, due to family tension and hardship. It wasn't until about nearly 400 years later during a routine cleaning that the figure was detected.  A figure a little girl , which origin became a mystery until further research proved that she was indeed apart of the family,  was of African descent, later became orphaned , had the potential to become duchesses , but becuase of family tension, did not get the honor and was later painted out of the portrait.

   Just thought I share this with you, next time looking at a painting , ask yourself "what is the artist trying to convey and why?  Love to hear your thoughts and comments...We are listening ...

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

STOP and GET in Tune with your Best Creative Self:

It is so super easy to get wrapped up in life's demands that we forget to take time out to STOP.

 I along with many of you have been extremely guilty of this. I felt compelled to write this blog, because life can have many sometimes too many demands ,especially when you have a craft business , are a parent , enrolled in  post graduate school, a wife or husband, and involved in local community programs. Any of these sound like you??? All five of these categories may be describing you, or maybe just some of them. However, way you look at it, it is imperative that you remember to STOP and smell the Roses every once in while and get in tune with your best SELF.

Here are some simple techniques to help you STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES: These techniques can help you avoid BURNOUT, which is not in anyway conducive to being your best  Creative Self:

Relax- sometimes easier said that done, but it is imperative that you find time to just relax your mind,  take a nap, meditate, or take a relaxing candle light bath.

Self time- remember YOU, you have to find time to also do things that you love to do. When scheduling meetings, or appointments in your day planner write in time for YOU, why not, you do it for others!!

Take a trip- this a great form of mind cleansing. Trips don't have to be extravagant, try a simple day trip , visit your favorite local museum, beach , or park. Or discover somewhere new.

Set an OFF Time-  Sometimes not easy, but  Each day try to establish early on what time is done time, (the time of the day or evening when you call off work), including turning off the smartphone, the computer, social networking sites and focus on other things in life, like family and friends. This will help to avoid overworking..which can ultimately take a toll on your mind and body.

Hope you find these techniques helpful.. Are there any techniques you want to add that have worked for you?? Set yourself to a challenge, try one of these techniques, let us know how you feel afterward...we are listening....


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How being inspired from your summer travels can really pay off?

Being inspired by some of your favorite places can really pay off...
There are certain destinations in our summer travels that tend to spark our creative energies, while inspiring our artistic abilities. Like having that itch to create after spending a day at the beach....This is exactly what happened to me, during one of my visits to Long Beach Island , NJ.

I felt compelled to create something depicting my experience, so I created "Under The Sea"
"Under the Sea"

As I painter ,I am often struck by the natural vibrant color patterns found in mother nature. The beach just so happened to be one of those places, especially one hot summer day in July when visiting LBI, NJ. I remember, as soon as I got home, I wanted to create a piece with mixed media, that captured the very essence of the deep blue depths of the ocean and the aquatic life inhabiting it.

 "Under the Sea"turned out to be a popular piece at every art show and I am happy to announce that to my surprise it was purchased, over this past weekend and now has a new happy home...

Have you ever created a piece based on your travels? If so , please share. What mostly inspires you to create( people,places, things, experiences)? Love to hear your comments..

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What it takes to be a Mom, how many hats are you wearing????

In today's society we have busy lifestyles ,and there tends to be many duties to fulfilling the title of a MOM. 
 because of this most Moms have been given the title "Supermom".

Here is a brief job description with it's title that describes what it takes to be a MOM.

Caregiver-this is from the moment of first becoming a mom.
Chef- even if you don't make gourmet meals, you still make bottles and prepare snacks
Custodian/housekeeper- not many of us are bless with maid service, even so there is still a little tidying up to do.
Teacher-Remember you are your child's first educator.
Event Planner- scheduling play dates, birthday parties, and family outtings.
Medic- you are on call 24/7 from birth whenever your child has a sign of sickness.
Not to mention your personal life duties:
Employee,(or Business Owner,freelancer,), wife (or life partner,girlfriend,etc), friend, colleague.. The list is ongoing.

          So Mothers , take a minute , and enjoy life you deserve it...

  Here is a something special I designed , 
especially for you!From a Mom to a Mom...

Happy Mother's Day!!

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 What are your thoughts on Motherhood? Any plans for Mother's Day? We love to hear your comments, we are listening....


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