Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What it takes to be a Mom, how many hats are you wearing????

In today's society we have busy lifestyles ,and there tends to be many duties to fulfilling the title of a MOM. 
 because of this most Moms have been given the title "Supermom".

Here is a brief job description with it's title that describes what it takes to be a MOM.

Caregiver-this is from the moment of first becoming a mom.
Chef- even if you don't make gourmet meals, you still make bottles and prepare snacks
Custodian/housekeeper- not many of us are bless with maid service, even so there is still a little tidying up to do.
Teacher-Remember you are your child's first educator.
Event Planner- scheduling play dates, birthday parties, and family outtings.
Medic- you are on call 24/7 from birth whenever your child has a sign of sickness.
Not to mention your personal life duties:
Employee,(or Business Owner,freelancer,), wife (or life partner,girlfriend,etc), friend, colleague.. The list is ongoing.

          So Mothers , take a minute , and enjoy life you deserve it...

  Here is a something special I designed , 
especially for you!From a Mom to a Mom...

Happy Mother's Day!!

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 What are your thoughts on Motherhood? Any plans for Mother's Day? We love to hear your comments, we are listening....


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