Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tidbit Thurdays: A Masterpainting with a deep rooted family secret revealed.

 Tidbit Thursday:
  "Not everything is what is seems, especially in the art world"

Sometimes deep rooted Family Secrets, can become the perfect subject for a painting.

For many years the famous painting of Guilia de' Medici ,by Pontormo in about 1538 had a figure painted out of the portrait, due to family tension and hardship. It wasn't until about nearly 400 years later during a routine cleaning that the figure was detected.  A figure a little girl , which origin became a mystery until further research proved that she was indeed apart of the family,  was of African descent, later became orphaned , had the potential to become duchesses , but becuase of family tension, did not get the honor and was later painted out of the portrait.

   Just thought I share this with you, next time looking at a painting , ask yourself "what is the artist trying to convey and why?  Love to hear your thoughts and comments...We are listening ...

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