Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How being inspired from your summer travels can really pay off?

Being inspired by some of your favorite places can really pay off...
There are certain destinations in our summer travels that tend to spark our creative energies, while inspiring our artistic abilities. Like having that itch to create after spending a day at the beach....This is exactly what happened to me, during one of my visits to Long Beach Island , NJ.

I felt compelled to create something depicting my experience, so I created "Under The Sea"
"Under the Sea"

As I painter ,I am often struck by the natural vibrant color patterns found in mother nature. The beach just so happened to be one of those places, especially one hot summer day in July when visiting LBI, NJ. I remember, as soon as I got home, I wanted to create a piece with mixed media, that captured the very essence of the deep blue depths of the ocean and the aquatic life inhabiting it.

 "Under the Sea"turned out to be a popular piece at every art show and I am happy to announce that to my surprise it was purchased, over this past weekend and now has a new happy home...

Have you ever created a piece based on your travels? If so , please share. What mostly inspires you to create( people,places, things, experiences)? Love to hear your comments..

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