Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How are you Challenging your Creativity???

As creative artisans, we are constantly funneling inspiration into creative masterpieces. In this process sometimes we tend to stick to projects , which have a sense of normalcy. However, it is almost imperative to take a dive into a new realm of art-making, every once in a while.

Over the past few days I set out a challenge for myself, 
   Creating a painting on the largest piece of  plywood that I could find, never done before, this was indeed out of my realm and challenged ever limit of my creativity. 
Connection    ( Acrylic on Wood)
  I found that I had a lot more space to paint then I was ever use to. Although it was different for me , it was also fun.  I enjoyed the whole idea of "spreading out" so to speak, I could literally spread my paints from one corner to the next , and one edge to the next in a big fluid motion. Because  I had more space to cover , this painting did take me a whole lot longer to complete ,then other paintings. But in retrospect , it was so totally worth it, I definitely learned alot with this challenge and I think now  I am definitely not afraid to go BIG . I think I will start on my next BIG painting very soon.

 Have you taken any creative challenges lately? Pushed your creativity to the next level with a really different medium,subject matter, craft project, etc? Love to hear the results of your new challenges?


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