Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are you Completing your Creative Projects?

Life has so many demands , and when you have things on the  to-do list it sometimes seems impossible to get a handle on them. Completing a task can be one of the hardest things, it is often easy to write a list of what needs to be done, but completing a creative project in a timely manner is a whole different ball game.


So glad I can share this with you all. I have finally successful finished my spring /summer hand painted accessory collection.

 Hand Painted Dimensional Brooch
On June 1st I will be showcasing them at the "Haddonfield's First Friday Event". Be sure to stop by and say hello. We are happy that we will be joining the festivities along kings highway located in Haddonfield ,NJ.

Are there projects that you had to complete which took longer than expected? How did your project turn out? Did you give up in the midst or did you continue to create?
We love to hear from you....


Order your brooch today , and get a free art gift !!!

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