Monday, April 9, 2012

How to use your artistic talents to make someone smile?

 In juggle the many aspects of life, we often live within a mental box and forget about those who for some reason or another are suffering in ways we could never imagine. 
During this past weekend, a few people and I decided take a moment out of my life and touch the lives of others.

We organized a Crafts with the Children's Day for the Children of Cooper Hospital, although this project is in it's infancy, it has put a smile on many kids faces. Over this past Easter weekend, we were able to help spread cheer and supply the hospitalized children with fun crafts and Easter activity packs.

It was amazing to see how each family just appreciated us simply being there and thinking of their child. I mean what parent , looks forward to sitting by their child's hospital bed, waiting and praying for their son or daughter to get discharged.

Always remember !!When you don't know what , or how to give of yourself to others, just think of the talents and gifts you already are skilled with and try to spread that to others. I am sure to someone, somewhere it will bring a smile to their face.

So how are you using your creative talents to touch the lives of others??Are there any community service projects you helped organize?Any that you like to start-up? We love to hear your comments.


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