Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking the duct tape off the roll ..and using it in FASHION!!

Taking the duct tape off the roll and using it in fashion...
Andrea certainly has been experimenting with this in her wearable collections...

        In creating the "Dazzling Zebra Collection" one comprised of bold black and white zebra print with a splash of red , Andrea chose to work with duct tape. This medium was like no other, very sticky, yet soft, bendable and dynamic. The Duct Tape although at times can be tough to work with, was a great material to make hair accessories with , main reason being you don't need any adhesive mediums , because once the tape was on , it wasn't going anywhere and it sticks to itself.
"Dazzling Zebra Collection"

The dynamic bold print in the tape , makes these hair accessories super fashionable. She is off to explore more in duct tape...Let's see what she comes up with next...

What is the most interesting item you saw made of duct tape? Have you ever used duct tape to create with? If so , how, if not, what would you like to see made from duct tape?



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