Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wine Glass Fall Centerpieces..Great for Thanksgiving Day!!

A Great Fall Decor idea for this years thanksgiving dinner.

Whether your having thanksgiving at your place or someone else's , what is just as important as the meal is the table set up. How are you decorating your thanksgiving table this year? Well, here is a simple , inexpensive decor idea that will have get your guests attention.

Wine Glass Centerpieces

During our last workshop with the Senior of Chestnut Station , in Merchantville we took various size wine glasses and turned them into marvelous holiday centerpieces. Here is how...

First we took 2-4 glass of various sizes , then we flipped them over , so the stem was and base were on top. Then we placed a pillar candle on top.

We then took the project  to the next level and added small fall accents inside of the glass before turning it over, even used craft glue to adhere the items onto the glass and even taped a few on the candle itself.

And Voila!!! When we placed them in the center of the table we had wonderful candle centerpieces , which gave festive illumination to the table..

(Spending time with others is the highlight of this holiday season, so happy we are able to spend time and do crafts with the Seniors of Chestnut Station.) How are you sharing your talent and spending time with others??

What is your favorite centerpiece to use during Thanksgiving? We love to hear your comments...


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