Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Words: "A Picture is a Poem without Words???

"A Picture is a Poem Without Words".
by ,Horace 

 I decided to write this blog based on a famous quote ....As an artist, (creative individual) we are always using design elements to suggest a unique message or story to the viewer.

 This is what makes ART making a uniquely remarkable process, it speaks to viewers in a language, without the use of word.....yet everyone can "read " it and take some message away from it.

 What kinds of stories or life experiences are you conveying in your ART making?? What mediums do you use to convey your story??? How does this quote relate to your Artistic Projects....Love to hear your comments and your story....




  1. Hi, I have awarded to you 'The Versatile Blogger Award' Here is my link to the post:

    Karima xx

  2. Hi Andrea and thanks for your inspiring artful insights. I am a jewelry artist...combining various colored beads, fabrics and metals into harmonious wearable art pieces. It is a journey....I have begun to re-ignite my creative flames. You may follow me in my endeavors
    @ Thanks ... Art is all around!

  3. Glad you found it to be inspirational!!! ;) I am going over now to check out your blog. thanks for commenting...


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