Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My simple home craft project for the day "Upholstering my kitchen chairs"

So, I was insanely tired of the old boring look on the cushions of my kitchen chairs. They no longer had the new look and feel. So, I decided why not upholster them myself.


A project that was on the TO DO LIST for quite a while.

 If I knew how easy it would have been I would have done it months ago. It's pretty easy, simply follow these few steps:

1. Pick out your upholstery fabric ( measurements are typically 1/2 yard of 60 inches wide material per chair) to be sure consult your local fabric store representative.

2.  Figure out which way you like to fabric to run, if it is a print
3.  Remove existing cushions by unscrewing it from the legs of the chairs

4. Place fabric on a flat surface, the floor works great. Then place cushions on wrong side up , cut material around the cushions allowing space for the fabric to fold/ wrap over the cushion like wrapping a gift, it doesn't need to wrap completely just at least 4-5 inches , enough so that the original cushion can't be seen once completed.

5. Use a staple gun or  upholstery tacks to hold fabric to cushion. Place covered cushion on chair and screw it back on the bottom part of the chair.

And voila you have just created a new chairs, with out actually buying new chairs!!!!!

Have any other upholstering or easy home decorating ideas you like to share???Have you ever upholstered anything in your home if so what was it and how did it turn out???


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