Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Developing your Identity in Your Artwork

Culture ,Life Experience, Education and Environment all play a key role in who we are. These elements are fundamental to who we are (self).

It's important as creative individuals , that you make your art work that speaks who you are , to others by developing some sort of identity. Identity along with technical skill of course, is an important element that helps your work stand out among others.

For instance, my background culture is multi racial ,so sometimes in my art making I incorporate key traits of my cultures, through symbols,color scheme,subject matter,etc.
  Tresses- Combs and beads are throughout this piece, rich ethnic color scheme of red,gold and black. This depicts the essence of adornment by African Women.


Kokopelli- Southwestern landscape and warm tones depicts the ritual nature of my Native American Heritage.

So, how are you telling "your story" through your art making? How are you using your culture, life experience, enviornment or education as your identity in your art work? Love to hear your comments.


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