Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tidbit Thursday: Is it impossible to pay only 5 cents a gallon???

What if you could pay only about 5 cents a gallon for gas?????Think this is impossible, well think again.
 In Venezuela consumers can pay about 5 cents a gallon for gas.

  After hearing this and doing a little research,  I felt compelled to share this with you. Gas prices is something that affects everyone, not only drivers. This is often times reflected in the fluctuated prices we pay for items that depend on gasoline to them to our grocery stores,retail stores,offices and homes. Sometimes this can be a grueling state of affairs, but it is interesting to know that in some countries like Venezuela consumers can pay just under $1 to fill up there vehicle.
 Are you thinking how is this possible???? Their government pays about 90% of the oil's actual cost.
I like to conclude leaving you with these questions:
What if the U.S. government did this for us ? How would it be? What if we produced our own oil or alternative methods to gasoline how would this impact our economy? How would it impact you?

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