Thursday, April 21, 2011

TidBit Thursday:Okra starts off as a fruit....

Did you know that "Okra" (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench )that green elongated food that  usually has a slimy center with seeds is actually a fruit. Research suggests that it is a fruit because of its edible green seed pods, that are then cooked to be used as a vegetable.

 So you are wondering, Why or how does Okra start of as a fruit ?? Food scientists characterize fruits and vegetables with following guideline, if it has seeds its a fruit , if it does not contain seeds its a vegetable.

Though I don't particuliarly eat Okra , I though this was some interesting tidbit to share.  Throughout my life I always referred to this green food as a vegetable. I 've come to realize that I am probably not alone.
I guess I have to look at some food a little differently when at the produce market, things like tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins and food like potatoes and onions and actually have a better understanding of  what it is that I am eating...

Did you find this information helpful? What foods will you be including in your diet, after checking out these tidbits? Have some other food facts to share??? Love to hear your thoughts and comments...


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