Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY Thanksgiving Paper Turkey Pins...

Here is a wonderful craft we did at our last Community Art Workshop....

This project was tons and fun.  Add a great touch to thanksgiving and only involved a few simple supplies...
 Turkey Pins

The kids and adults loved it!!

All you need is:
 An empty cereal box
glue stick
glitter (optional)
4 round objects to trace, in various sizes, from smallest to largest
Adhesive pins
Black Marker or small wiggly eyes

First trace round objects onto inside part of cardboard cereal box, Then Cut them out. The Second Largest circle cut in half. Then cut slits into each half, which will make the two wings. Cut out a small triangle out of the bottom of the box for the beak. Then glue the circle together from largest to smallest with the two "wings in between the largest and medium circle. Then glue on beak on the smallest front circle and draw on two eyes with black marker.

Feel Free to add glitter and other embellishments... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! We love to hear your comments...

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