Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Upcycled Halloween : DIY Craft presented by Andrea's Artz

A way to Celebrate Halloween with upcycled & recycle items

Our Halloween and Harvest Craft Workshop was a blast!!!
We created the perfect Bats & Scarry Ghosts for our Halloween Home Decor, perfect for trick or treat night.

Take an empty Milk Jug, that is clean and dry . Apply a ghostly face on the front with a black permanent marker. Once it is dry , turn the jug around to the backside and cut out a rectangle with your utility scissors. Then place a small strand of clear light inside the jug. Plug into outlet. And voila you have a ghostly spirit jug lantern.

Take empty cleaned egg carton, turn upside down. Cut a three section out, then paint with black paint. Once dry adhere wiggly eyes. Then pierce a small hole in the center oval and place string through it , and hang from ceiling. Voila you have hanging bats for your halloween decor.

 We love to hear your comments, do you have any Halloween craft ideas you like to share?? Feel free to comment...
Enjoy your Halloween,

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