Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Could the world use a little more original ART????

    The World could use a little more original Art!!
Hey there everyone, this is Samantha, the designer of a few of Andrea's Artz hand painted  tote bags. I would like to share with you my unique experience designing the new line of bags!

    When I was first told I would be designing bags, I got a little nervous; I have never done anything like this before! But the more we discussed it, the more and more excited I became. After only one meeting, I was already thinking of so many ideas on my own. It is such a unique challenge and new experience, so my brain really got going.

         Once I got my first three bags, each with their own specific design, I was ready to go. The same day I got the information about it, I grabbed my sketch book and did some really fast (and really sloppy) sketches. I kept sketching any ideas that came to my mind ,until I became satisfied with the three finished designs I ended up with. I worked on each design until they were refined and I was happy with them. After that, I got to work on actually putting the designs on the bag. After the first one, which took only about an hour with how hard I worked on it, I suddenly realized how much fun this really was. It relaxed me, and it was exciting knowing that someone would be using these bags one day. The other two were finished in no time after that. I tried to finish one bag in at least one sitting. Still, I made sure I took my time and put as much detail as I thought it needed.
(Hand Sewn & Painted ,Hobo Tote, Mixed Media)

     Does carrying around a work of art makes things seem much more interesting? Through this experience, it makes me wonder why there aren't more people doing things like this. You have designer bags, and clothes, but they aren't as personalized as something like this. Sure, hand painting something is a lot of work and probably money, but even if it was done digitally, there are so few places that will give you the ability to use a custom graphic. Does this make us less expressive, even with all the options out there? If one truly wanted to be different or express themselves, they would wear custom hand crafted products, like that of Andrea's . Something that means more than "I spent a lot of money on this bag or shirt, just for the brand".

(Hand Sewn & Painted ,Hobo Tote, Mixed Media)

     Should there be more ways, more options to design clothes, bags, anything, to make it really scream "you"?

    Do you agree the world could use a little more original art?, I am definitely a firm believer, and that's one reason I absolutely enjoy designing tote bags for Andrea's Artz.


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