Sunday, January 22, 2012

An artist's Snow Day...

Here in the Northeast we have been hit with a slight snow storm and yucky wintery mix. So the weekend has turned into a two day "snow day".

What do you during "Snow Days" ?

Well, here at Andrea's Artz we decided to take a snapshot of wonderful mother nature. During, winter weather it's the best time to turn those shut in days into studio days and tap into your creativity. And when nothing comes to mind pull out your handy camera, and take a snapshot of what nature has to offer for creative inspiration. Then, view all your pics and brainstorm some projects ,while drinking a warm cup of cocoa.

(A Dogwood in Winter)

What work have you produced during "snowy days"? What are your favorite creative pastimes during snow days? We love to hear your comments....


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  1. Happy New Year! Well Andrea,we don't have many snow days here in Georgia...but it is a delight to see this beautiful photo...I do miss the snow but not enough to move back to the wintry north!


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