Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday...How to turn your post -holiday trash into crafty art tools...

So now it is a new year!! The stress of the holidays are over, time to clean , sort and organize all that holiday decor and get your home back to normalcy. 

So, what do you do with all the trash??? Here are a few good useful tips to recycle items into art tools:

Paper dinner plates- make for great paint palettes when painting, or as a tiny bead tray when beading

Plastic Utensils- clean plastic ware , can be used for a variety of art tools, like paint mixer, plastic knives make wonderful palette knives.

Clothing gift boxes- are excellent storage bins for paper, and small art tools

Gift bags- make great on- the- go art travel bags, if you exhibit at craft shows, and gallery venues, this can come in handy to tote things like screws, pencils, picture hangers,tape,stapler,and hole puncher etc.

Torn Wrapping paper- the blank inside, can make for a perfect place to doodle and sketch, or the design of the paper can serve as inspiration for your next masterpiece.

Tissue Paper- if you got a lot of gift bags for the holidays with presents inside, chances are you have a lot of crinkled tissue paper. Well painting with tissue paper or applying it to your next mixed media painting can add a great element to your design. Tissue paper can also be used as a paper craft, folding it into various shapes and framing it, as art work can make wonderful home decor or be your next art masterpiece.

We hope you find our list helpful...If you have any ideas you like to add, we are listening...and love to hear your comments.....


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